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Important Notices
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Customer Support

Wayne Kerr Electronics aims to provide comprehensive support to all our customers.

Our application support teams are able to give advice on selecting the best instrument for an application and give guidance on how to obtain the very best measurement performance.

Technical support is available for all our current instruments as well as many of our older products. Enquires should be Emailed to service@waynekerr.com and include full details of the product and the technical support required.

Worldwide sales teams are able to provide full quotations giving product details, price and delivery.

For all application, technical or purchase enquires please contact your local supplier.

A full calibration service is available for Wayne Kerr instruments traceable to national standards. Comprehensive service facilities enables all current instruments to be repaired as well as many of our older products.

To arrange an instrument calibration or service please contact our service department.

Copies of the user manual for many of our products are available in electronic (.pdf) or hard copy formats. Hard copies of manuals will incur a handling and mailing charge. To obtain a copy please complete the manual request form giving full details of the instrument for which the manual is required.

Approved Equipment

All equipment supplied by Wayne Kerr Electronics Ltd is only intended to be used with approved accessories or auxiliary instruments. Product performance, calibration and reliability can only be assured where recommended external equipment is used. Any damage to products caused by the use of unapproved equipment will invalidate any new product or service guarantee.

For a list of approved accessories and auxiliary instruments refer to the accessories webpage or product data sheet.