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3265B Series High Current DC Bias Test Units news
  • 5 Models: 3265B/5A, 3265B/10A, 3265B/20A, 3265B/25A, and 3265BQ/25A
  • Enhance usability of Wayne Kerr Inductance Analyzers 3255BL, 3255B, 3255BQ, and Precision Magnetics Analyzer 3260B
  • Testing wound devices under application conditions
  • 25 mA to 5 A, 10A or 20A of DC bias current in 0.025 A steps
  • Up to 11 V DC compliance voltage
  • Applicable for measurement functions L, R, D, Q, Z
  • Wide frequency range of 20 Hz to 3MHz
  • 0.1% basic accuracy
  • 4 or 2 terminal measurements
  • Up to 5 bias units may be connected in parallel to provide five times the output current
  • Up to 3 MHz and 50A is available when two 3265BQs are used
  • Safety interlock to protect operator from back-EMFs
  • Easily rack-mountable with inductance analyzer
To evaluate components at high currents the 3265B/25A DC Bias Units may be used with either the Wayne Kerr 3255B Inductance Analyzer or the 3260B Precision Magnetics Analyzer. Bias current may be set from 25mA to 25A in steps of 25mA. These units may not be used with a 3255BL. Additional DC Bias Units can be added in parallel such that with five units connected in parallel it is possible to set bias currents up to a maximum of 125 A DC. For extended frequency, up to 3 MHz, 50A is available when two 3265BQs are used.
Technical Specifications:
Measurement Function In impedance mode: L, Z, R, Q, D.
Not applicable to Rdc, or transformer measurements
Frequency Range 3255BL 20 Hz to 200 kHz (not compatible with 3265B/25A and 3265BQ/25A)
3255B 20 Hz to 500 kHz
3255BQ 20 Hz to 1 MHz
3260B 20 Hz to 3 MHz (3265BQ/25A)
Compliance Voltage Maximum compliance votage (<12 kHz) 11 V DC at 0.25 V AC drive level.
10 V compliance at 1 V AC drive level. For f>12 kHz deduct 0.5 V.
Basic Accuracyy ±1%, Varies with measurement speed, frequency and options chosen.
Measurement Speeds 4 speeds selectable (20/sec max)
General Data:
Input Specification Universal 90 to 255 V AC, 47 to 63 Hz
Input current 9 A rms max.
Power factor >0.9
Unit powers up automatically when connected to a powered
analyzer. Isolating switch provided
Measurement Connections 2-terminals measurement via M8 studs.
4-terminal measurement via Kelvin leads and M8 studs.
Measurement terminals internally protected by 1.6A fuses against
normal inductor back-EMF or accidental disconnection of inductor.
Front panel fuses easily replaced.
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