Wayne Kerr make it easy to bring the high quality measurement products into your university
  Date:  2009/10/01

Wayne Kerr Electronics has for over sixty years, provided high quality, accurate and dependable test and measurement products.  Many of our customers first appreciate our quality products while studying for their degrees and then continue to specify our instruments throughout their careers.  The U.S. Education Support Programme has been established to ensure that Universities have the chance to use the latest and very best component measurement technology.

University budgets are constantly being reviewed making decisions on the purchase of new or replacement measurement instruments very difficult.  Inevitably compromises are made concerning specifications and replacement cycles.  To assist Universities in providing the very best measurement instruments Wayne Kerr has established the Education Support Program which enables any U.S. University to qualify for a generous discount off the list price of any product in our extensive range. An additional discount is also available if an existing comparable Wayne Kerr product is returned to us at the time of purchase.

Severe budget constraints may make the purchase of any new equipment impossible,  yet universities degree courses require the very latest instruments used by industry.  Leasing may be an answer.  For example it is possible to lease a 3260B Precision Magnetics Analyzer for as little as $20 per day with educational and trade in discounts still applying.

Contact our sales department for more information on our wide range of products and find out how we can help you and your students.

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