Wayne Kerr's hign end Impedance Analyzer/LCR Meter 6500 Series was a big success in year 2009 with its worldwide sales exceeded 50% over the targeted sales goal for the year.
  Date:  2010/01/08
Wayne Kerr’s high end Impedance Analyzer/LCR Meter 6500 Series was a big success for the year 2009 despite the global challenging business environment. From the latest year end reports the sales of the 6500 series exceeded the targeted sales goal for the year 2009 by more than 50%. In additional to Wayne Kerr’s traditional strong sales in Europe and North America the 6500 Series did extremely well in the emerging markets in Asia and South America in the year 2009.

The 6500 series excels in the application areas including, but not limited to, material analysis, IC test, inductor test, powder and liquid sample analysis in both research institutes and production environments. The new customers for the year 2009 consists of prominent universities and research institutions and the leading manufacturers worldwide in the fields in ceramic, plastic, rubber material analysis, high/low temperature material analysis, high frequency device testing, and semiconductor contact analysis.

In addition to the high quality of the products and our relentless global sales force, part of the success are credited to our technical support engineers who were diligently working with the prospect customers to provide customized cables, contacts, and fixtures to their special needs. Those wide ranges of customized devices can be a 3 meters BNC to BNC cables to enable the measurement for semiconductor testing platform, a 10 meters cable to bring signals down to the ground and input into the 6500 unit, the probe to work under 120MHz frequency, and fixtures for multi-phase inductors to allow 40 Amp DC bias testing, just to name a few.

Wayne Kerr is confidence that in the combination of the improving business environment and the well reception by the industries our global sales will achieve another 50% growth for the year 2010.
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